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moar argonian and plenty more to come!

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hey there! I've seen your drawings and do you have any tips on perspective? because when I try to draw some perspective the result is horrendous haha... :)
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hay cozin! Your question is pretty vague, so I’m gonna assume you’re talking about drawing a figure in perspective.

There are many many excellent tutorials on the internet about the basics of perspective, and it can get very technical very fast. So when it comes to applying those principles to your drawing, keep these things in mind:

1. Decide what sort of “shot” you want for your art piece. There’s only 3 options!


The level shot also doubles as an extreme upshot or downshot. (Looking straight up or straight down at something.)

Make it easy on yourself and keep the vanishing point inside the canvas - it creates a deeper space, and makes it easier to stack multiple objects in frame. (The vanishing point falls slightly above the horizon, because of Earth’s curvature. But for simple figure drawing it doesn’t even matter. You can place it on the horizon line.)

If you need them, you can add additional guides.

So now you have your setup, and with the help of any basic tutorial you can place a cube shape into the scene.

Easy peasy. BUT. For the purposes of drawing a figure, it’s more helpful to use a cylinder - cause most of the human body can be simplified into cylinder shapes. And here is where your best friend comes in:

2. Use wrapping lines to define the volume of a shape: 

In a downshot most of the wrapping lines will bow downward, in an upshot they’ll arch upward. In a level shot, they’ll arch up above the horizon line, and down below the horizon line. Totes easy.

And so then you place the figure into your scene, and stack the shapes of the body according to perspective. Use as many wrapping lines (also known as contour lines) as you need to help you really see the form in 3D.

Hope this helps. :)

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playing around with argonian head designs (and huge bewbs). A while back i said i’d post my process of figuring stuff out some time so here’s a good example. i’ve done some argonian heads before where i spent hours on them only to get something passable before this mind you. 

page 1) i started with the skull. gives me a decent idea of where everything goes. I found out their cranium comes into the neck behind the jaw bone (or very close to it) Unlike a humans the jaw bone is rounded out near the joint causing it to eclipse instead of blend in. from there i just did a few heads based on the way i’m usually comfortable drawing heads- in this case with pony rules in mind.

page 2) same pony heads with a simple attempt at fixing the length of the snout. it doesn’t work (not what i’m going for) i attempt a more reasonable head.

page 3) here i do some very primitive sketches of the faces shapes to try and get a better idea of where everything fits and how. i end up tracing one and free handing twice. I see that the brow curves into the nose much like a people face and follows directly into the nostrils. I try the cartoon again but with focus on the brow and eyes. i choose not to eclipse the face too much this time to focus on getting the cheek bones right. next time i’ll play with bulkier noses. variation in the snout size will be a key player in differentiating characters.

page 4) a very fast body and head.i’m only putting in general details to start with. decided when i was done i wanted more practice with the face and to try those awesome raptor claws. both come out well. argonian necks are a little sickly tiny and roll odd ways at the base of the neck and head. some scribble figures it out for me and i’ll put some time into the neck specifically later.

lastly a quick test of application.
in this case with awesome lizard bewbs.

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This is by far the best wing tutorial I have ever seen.



They do an amazing job of breaking down the anatomy and explaining so many things incredibly well.

My wings are going to be even sexier now you guys. Hold on to your butts and sprunge this shit if you have no clue how to make wings look like you want them to! :D

Morning reblog. Because seriously. If you want to draw wings well, this is a good step.

very handy, thank you =)

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some early morning pre-work scribbles

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person: Idk i feel like when a cis person dates a trans person that the trans is pretty much lying to that person. Like they fall in love with them and they would be betrayed if ever find out their real sex because that person isn’t what they thought they were.
me: image

ha! yes, this! exactly this. =]
i agree that honesty is a critical component to any close relationship. but if you date some one, and love them for who they are, them telling you they were born in the wrong body, and had to work and struggle unimaginably hard to get even half way comfortable with themselves shouldn’t change a damn thing about how you feel about them- hell, you should hug them and hold them close, because they just open up’d to you on such an intimate level, that it defies any example i could give. ga! starting to get angry at the idea of some one doing that, and then getting hurt by the one person they felt like they could trust the most!

/rant over

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did I respond to this right 

yes, yes you did XD

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imageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageapple a day
imagesee the full folio HERE
download zipfolder HERE
all in one (size 162MB)
or take a look inside if you want to download it or not
download one by one HERE
artists who made this folio
links to there accounts
tumblr / inkbunny / furaffinity / deviantart
tumblr / furaffinity / deviantart
tumblr / inkbunny

apple horse is best horse.. >.>

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gift for my girlfriend. she loves maud pie, and loves playing the pyro class in TF2. that’s about the extent of why this image exists XD

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Exercise 29 Results: Back to Basics Step by Step

Check out our reference guide for the latest exercise on going back to basics on building values depending on your light direction HERE.

Thanks again to the great user submissions we received this time around!